Disagreeing with respect

29 Aug 2019

I have noticed especially in social media but also in real life, that people find it hard to disagree with respect.

We have seen politicians being personal and rude to each other just because they have different opinions.

I don't think it is possible for us all to agree with each other, but it is necessary for us to discuss our differences without attacking the personality of the other person.

How do you disagree with people showing politeness and respect?

I encourage you to share your ideas, even if you find it hard to disagree respectfully.

I feel for our mental health it is important for us to be aware of how our comments may affect others.

How we handle any disrespectful feedback from someone is also very important. The temptation is to answer in kind but that only escalates the tension and does nothing for the discussion.

However, allowing someone to explain and giving our full attention to what is being said is a respectful attitude.

Sometimes the only answer is to walk away when people are being rude. It may feel as the other has 'won' the discussion but in reality, I believe the other person will know the response is unacceptable no matter what they say.

About the worst thing to do in a disagreement is to shout. Even if you're not calm, try to control your voice and body language. Appearing angry or defensive is a not a good idea. Maybe you need to think and plan before you speak.

You need to accept that not everyone will agree with you and that is ok.

I believe disagreement comes about because we have learned to think differently from someone else, based on our experiences.

How do you cope when you disagree with someone?

What do you do if someone disagrees with you with disrespect?


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