Do you need an expert?

22 Apr 2019

I'm sitting here at my laptop listening at this very moment to someone trying to start their car in the car park next door. The engine is just not quite turning over despite repeated attempts. I've been listening to this for around 15 minutes now and what is clear to me as a bystander listening in, is not only are they going to run down the battery with their repeated efforts of turning the key in the ignition, but doing the same thing over and over again that is not working, and expecting a different result, must surely be overly optimistic or blissfully ignorant and I don't use the word 'ignorant' in an unkind way, I use it in it's original sense, as in, simply a lack of know-how.

I'm sure you all see where I'm going with this blog and the metaphor is not lost on you!

One of two things need to happen here, but first of all the person has to realise that what they are doing is not working and stop doing it before it does any more damage......................... great big pause left here for this point to land......................... then they either need to open up the bonnet and have a look to see if they have the skills to fix the problem themselves, or call in an expert to get them up and running again and back on their journey.

We cannot possibly know everything, whether in our field of expertise or not and every now and again, we simply need to call in an expert to help us on our way. Better still if we can learn from the experience and equip ourselves with the tools and knowledge to deal with a similar issue in the future.


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