Does anyone need to visit the loo before we go?

28 Sep 2017

When I was in my young teenage years I felt a little like you might imagine a Catherine wheel looks if not nailed to a post. Happy and free one minute, fiery and confused of direction the next. I've since learned this is normal. (I apologise if I'm writing a lot about teenage dramas but I currently live with 3 teenagers and I'm consumed!)

At the moment, my youngest daughter is in the same place I was and I'm trying to use what I learned to support her. I'm lucky that she is talking to me about it most of the time. She even phones me after she's stormed away, and is halfway down the street, to say sorry and I reassure her that it's all ok. In fact, this very thing just happened and I am grateful that mobile phones are, in this instance, an utter blessing.

She is en-route to my parents who live not too far away to walk. I messaged ahead to let them know she was under a little grey cloud and I know that some time with them, in their garden, planting, growing and harvesting end of summer pickings will be everything she needs today to feel free.

In our fight with our own mental health that feeling of being free is necessity.

There are many ways to get it. In an ideal world we would skip off to read, walk through a sunlit wood or immerse ourselves in our passion. And even if you believe yourself to be "too busy" to be free there are always ways to find it. Do not kid yourself into thinking that you can't even go into a toilet cubicle and just take a moment to gather your thoughts, gain some kind of perspective and re-set the moment. I am Toilet Cubicle Queen. I know there is power in small spaces. Be free today, even if only for a little moment. From little cardboard tubes comes great cardboard buildings!

Love from

The littlest room which is near the room above the garage.

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