Does older always mean grumpier?

4 Nov 2022

There seems to be a stereotype in the media and the community that as we age, we get grumpier.

There are TV shows called Grumpy old men and Grumpy old women where well known actors and comedians talk and complain about things that annoy them.

I never hear someone say “Oh he is a grumpy young person” as it is an adjective reserved for people over a certain age.

Why does this happen?

There are some people who get angry, irritated and complain a lot but there are many very patient kind older people as well.

I think some Moodscopers will be saying to me don’t be so sensitive and serious, a grumpy old person is just a throwaway line.

Do you think grumpy old person is a valid description of a person as they age

Do you think it’s a generalisation that does not apply to everyone?

Are there other words used to describe people of a certain age that you feel do not apply to everyone in that age group, ie. a thoughtless young person?


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