Does the weather improve/worsen your depression?

10 Jun 2019

I have no statistics to show whether those who live in a cold climate are more subject to depression than people living in Bermuda or Tahiti. I believe suicide rates are high in parts of Scandinavia? It is claimed that the weather is the main topic of the British. But the French will always remark on the weather, and today is a goodee. I am watching, from my kitchen window, my weeping willow literally being turned inside out. It will survive, but there will be a huge mess to clear up, dead leaves and broken twigs, before I can mow the lawn. And I have two slates off the roof this morning.

All our adult life has been governed by rainfall, drought and wind. We started as agricultural contractors, and we took a lot of flak. It would rain on and off for a fortnight at haymaking or harvest time, then, of course, all our customers were ready at once. Then market gardeners until last year – how we kept off the psychiatrist's couch I know not, but I think we paid for it in stress and strained relationships. And I have had (still have) beautiful, demanding gardens. So I am either waiting for rain, to avoid mass watering, or for it to stop, then mass weeding. This is not a gardening dissertation, but a serious look at my future – can I cope with this large property? What can I do with it? And, what are the options?

On the blog, Molly said, jokingly, when I was having a good moan a few weeks ago that a care home might be the option. But the idea of a small flat, no responsibilities for upkeep, and freedom to go away in the winter is a huge temptation. But, 84 next week, if I could not travel (particularly not get insurance) I would be a virtual prisoner and bored stiff.

Huge outdoor events make weather headlines. Glastonbury usually seems sea of mud, but it does not keep punters away. Ascot races amuse the cynic, watching hats costing hundreds of pounds acting like Frisbees. Wimbledon has had to succumb to roofs. Agricultural shows rely on the 'gate', we were very involved for years with our local one, how our nerves suffered. We looked at pluvieus insurance, but financially out of the question.

Climate change is affecting us, severely. Not one clear, cold, frosty night this winter. The ubiquitous grey. A daughter-in-law, a geographer, said years ago that global warming would bring global dimming, and she's right, with increasing low light levels in winter. I have 'flirted' with the weather, for huge parties, and won. A daughter (31st May) and a grand-daughter (27th July) had sodden weddings. You do not choose where you are born, your work, marriage, or being rich might take you to a better climate. For many years we 'escaped', cheap flat in south of France, Far East, or India. If that solution is out of the question, how do we cope with weather which affects our moods?

The Gardener

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