Don't Blurt – Believe... in yourself.

6 Apr 2016

Every single day is filled with numerous opportunities to respond to someone else's behaviour, to make decisions, to offer advice, to be of help to others and to give the world the best of who we are.

Yet in today's condensed 140-characters-culture, there's a certain amount of pressure to be able to have the answer, to 'know' what to do, to be the expert and appear all-knowing, FAST.

All too often we race to impress, obligated in fact and respond quickly out of what can be our limited view of the situation or is it our own ego to be 'better'.

Rarely do we take the time to even consider we may not have enough information, ask simple questions, or seek alternative and wiser perspectives. I'm sure we can all recall a recent situation when we felt compelled to respond in haste, only later to discover a different response may have been more appropriate. In fact the best response may have been to say 'I don't know', rather than feel the 'need' to appear knowledgeable.

It's sometimes easy to forget that taking a few moments to step back and reflect on the situation might bring about a better decision, more clarity, more balance and sense to the issue at hand. Or that maybe we don't need to have the answer at all and that our role is simply to coach and empower others to find their own answers. If only we took the time to serve others and not to 'sell' ourselves.

Part of the power of mindfulness or the use of HeartMath, is that they help us slow down and respond with a wiser, deeper intelligence, not a rapid-fire reaction to something we haven't allowed ourselves to consider more carefully.

Humans are the only anima on the planet to be able to have a gap between stimulus and response. We can create a gap and have that freedom to choose our response from all that makes us human.

Next time you're bombarded with information, or asked a question, take the extra minute and see what a difference it can make. Taking the time first, can save time and really demonstrate that you care, to ensure the best possible outcome and growth.

Others will appreciate it.


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