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1 Mar 2015

As I write this I have a lot on this week. I move house in 5 days and I still have to:

• Finish packing

• Clear out my fathers old workshop

• Clear out the garage

• Organise the keys

• Wash woodwork and walls where required

• Check the removal company really will turn up (OK I am being a bit paranoid now)

• Sort out accommodation for the pets during the move

• Write notes for everyone in my road to warn them the road will be blocked for the day

• Take another car load of stuff to the charity shop

• Bag up the rubbish for hubby to take to the tip when he comes home at the weekend.

I am in my final year of my degree so I also need to:

• See my tutor about the end of year art piece I am working on

• Submit some documents to another tutor for his feedback

• Write a presentation to be delivered next week

• Do an online application for consideration in a prestigious exhibition

• Finish the drawing for the above exhibition

• Contact a local venue about hiring for an exhibition for me and my classmates.

Of course there is all the usual stuff as well so I need to:

• Shower and dress

• Do the washing

• Sort out the recycling for collection tomorrow

• Feed the pets

• Walk the dog

• Fit in coffee with friends

• Transport my son to and from his bus stop in town.

Some people have said to me write it all down in a list but even putting it down here seems really daunting. I look at this list and get a almost irresistible urge to get back into bed, pull the duvet over my head and pretend that it will all go away.

A couple of years ago a psychologist said to me "don't expect to start with motivation, motivation will come later, just try to do something." One of the "nice" things about there being so much to do and it all being equally important is that it does not matter what I do as long as I do something! I only have 16 awake hours in a day I cant make anymore. So I flit away like a butterfly doing bits here and there, I may pack some stuff for 10 minutes, then put the washing on, maybe make a cup of tea and whilst the kettle is boiling pack a bit more. I try not to beat myself up about the list as long as I am doing SOMETHING we are getting closer to the end. The hardest bit is getting off the sofa and doing something once I start it gets easier to keep going.


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