Don't underestimate the power of language.

3 Jan 2014

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when one has a bad day we resort to describing it as "Eugh" or even with just a disgruntled sigh?

This seems to only add to that feeling of exhaustion and lethargy, as it reconfirms that the day was indescribably bad. Maybe, if we tried to put in to words what the actual problem was, it would take some of the power out of it all.

Perhaps if we worked out what was actually so bad about the day, it wouldn't seem quite so awful.

This morning, I was sitting at work and silently seething about a personal problem with an ex boyfriend. For a second, I took a step back and thought to myself, why am I so mad?

So, out came the pen and paper, and fairly quickly a list was forming of all the reasons I was frustrated. Once they were all written down, I felt immeasurably better. I could see exactly what was going on, and understand that the feelings I was having were perfectly justified and even understandable. I felt so much better.

My message is, maybe when we voice things (or write them down) and we can see exactly what it is that we are feeling, we can deal with them. Hiding away from our thoughts and feelings only gives them more power and can make them frightening.

Try it today, voice an opinion, write it down or tell someone how your day actually was. Who knows, it might work for you too.

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