Driving - The Road Les(s) Travelled...

16 Sep 2015

There’s always new beginnings,

There’s always some ends,

It’s just how you navigate,

Around the bends…

There’s some dead ends,

There’s some circular loops,

You may even feel,

Like you’re a nincompoop!

Don’t be so hard,

So hard on yourself,

It’s just life,

But don’t sit on that shelf.

It’s not the routes you take,

That dictate your life.

It’s how you respond,

To add or subtract strife.

That road less travelled,

Is inside you.

You have to keep going,

To find the true you.

Most stop ‘travelling’,

Because it’s too hard!

There is nowhere worth going,

That hasn’t cut or jarred.

There is no short cut,

To where life opens.

To where you’ve found,

True life, not tokens.

Tokens of joy,

That never seem to stay.

Tokens of love,

That simply fade away.

You may even break down,

And need a tow rope.

And your life depends,

On how you can cope.

Cope with hurt,

Cope with pain,

Cope with the slips,

When you ‘drive’ in the rain.

It’s not the roads,

That lead you astray.

It's how you respond,

To their particular way.

It’s not the weather,

When you’re driving that counts.

But how you deal,

With those kerbs and dismounts.

The ‘drive’ outside,

Is to escape your present place.

The ‘drive’ inside,

Is the only way to find your base.

A base for life,

A base for growth,

A base away from strife,

One where you can take your oath.

To truly find you,

To truly ‘be’,

Not always driving,

And lost at sea.

It ain’t easy,

It takes courage.

There will be pain,

But you won’t be a hostage.

A hostage to your past,

A hostage to your parents,

A hostage to your thoughts,

You won’t live in fragments.

You’ll finally be whole,

You’ll finally be you,

You’ll love driving through life,

With hearts and hopes anew.

If you’re still ‘lost’ on your drive,

If you still seek a destination outside yourself,

If you still get frustrated at lights and crossings,

Time to inscape and find your true self.


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