Early morning delights

19 May 2021

I joined Moodscope almost eleven years ago when I was going through a bout of depression following major heart surgery. I found the daily recording of mood scores of great benefit but I never got involved with the daily blogs. Skip forward to March 2020 when I suffered a mental breakdown. I decided to become more involved and have found some of the blogs inspirational, thank you. This is my attempt to repay something to my fellow Moodscope members. What follows is the email I recently sent to my local group of friends attempting to cheer them up. I hope it will help if you are struggling.

Now that the lighter mornings have arrived and the break is over for my leg, I have decided to recommence my routine of taking a walk first thing in the morning. And as you will see it can be filled with delights.

Yesterday I left the house about 8am and although it is cool, the brightness from the early morning sun lifts my spirits. I stroll a few hundred yards down the road and notice some wallflowers providing a lovely scented display at the end of a garden adjacent to the pavement.

A few minutes later I am chatting with the lollipop lady who takes school children (and some elderly folk!) safely across the road. She is five foot nothing and always has a jolly disposition.

After a few more yards I  cross the canal bridge and enter some parkland. Immediately I spot a squirrel scampering up an old oak tree. He stops about twenty feet up and turns upside down, releases his front paws and hangs using only the contact of his hind claws to prevent him falling. I laugh and move on.

The next delight is the sighting of a smaller blossom tree in full bloom. It is like a giant stick of candy floss, white with a few pink flecks.

I turn round to head home.

I return over the bridge and walk to the local newsagent store. My mate "Big John” is waiting outside. He is a local character about six foot tall, a few years older than me ( I think ) who shuffles to the shop each morning to buy his newspaper. We talk for a few minutes, mainly about the fish in his garden pond and walking his dog about three hours earlier! I continue home for a shower and breakfast. 

So many delights in around thirty minutes, I feel lucky I am able to walk and see all this. It restores faith in humans and nature.

Hope you are enjoying the Spring sunshine and if you have seen any outside delights I would love to hear about them.

Best Wishes


A Moodscope member.

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