Egg in a cup

24 Sep 2022

When you were wee, did you receive special treatment when you were ill? For me, it was a bed on the couch. Daytime TV was Pebble Mill at One. For big unwells, lasting 2 days or more, and involving temperatures and tummy upsets, there might be the expensive add-on of Lucozade in a crinkly wrapper.

My children were raised the same way, illness meant a sheet tucked around the couch cushions, a soft blanket on top and the pillow off the bed with a fresh slip.  

Lately, I was chatting about it with somebody and I mentioned that I always had egg in a cup when starting to feel better… which was met with a blank stare. On wider asking, it seems it might only be a Scottish thing, which I find hard to believe. Anyway, it is a delicious, healthy and hugely comforting small meal for times of need. Here it is:

Boil 2 eggs 

Peel while hot and drop into a mug

Add a big knob of butter and plenty salt and pepper

Cut, chop and mash with a knife

Eat straight away while hot and preferably while looking out a window at the horizon, from whichever room gives you the best view.

Hot, hearty, healthy, restorative and good for any time of day. What else can we possibly need?

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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