Embrace your difference

26 May 2023

I found a t-shirt at the charity shop that said ‘embrace your difference’ and I felt I could relate to those words. I usually shy away from slogans on t shirts, but I seem to have had my differences pointed out as flaws recently so maybe it is time to embrace them.

I have written blogs before about feeling different and feeling shame.

I think the world now seems to be a little  more accepting of difference. People who have mental illness are seen as having lived experience and can even get employment using that experience. When I was first diagnosed in the 1970s one never mentioned mental illness to anyone and one’s own family spoke of me in hushed tones.

I realise we still have some way to go until we accept others differences.

I would like moodscopers to think of a difference you have and how you do or could embrace it.

I have used being different to write blogs and give talks to community groups and helping others by being honest. I have been told I ask too many questions, but I know that some people like my questions and that is how I learn. Embracing your difference can be hard when others see it as a negative.

Do you embrace your difference? If so how and why? If you find embracing your difference difficult, why is that?

Please to feel to share how you have embraced your difference or explain how hard it was.


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