Even a chore can be uplifting!

22 Sep 2014

I decided that this weekend it was now or never in completing a chore. The weather was good and if I didn't act I would lose the chance. So I set about painting the newly erected wooden playhouse that needed weather proofing. I say a chore because for me that's exactly what it was. However, I woke this morning and when I looked in the garden, I felt a sense of satisfaction and pride. This is what I took from the experience:

1. Choosing a colour, on my own, felt strangely liberating. I enjoyed, for the first time being in an aisle with painting paraphernalia and being let loose.

2. Children "helping" me paint was not so much helpful and increased my anxiety somewhat, yet their sense of pride in their achievement was heartwarming.

3. I am most definitely not a perfectionist in this department! It was a case of just get the job done.

4. Having said that, it felt good to be active, achieving something and being productive.

5. I realised afterwards that my mind did not wander into negative thought streams once (well only wishing the 2 year old would remove his hand from the paint tin). It was a good distraction and a reminder that keeping busy helps me keep my low mood at bay.

6. Now that it is done I'm feeling inspired to continue with completing tasks that I have had little motivation to do previously.

So I'm currently looking at the living room wall that now has several wall paper samples adorning it. My creative spirit has been awakened and I'm feeling excited to be making some changes. I'm not however, feeling brave enough to tackle wallpaper myself but I am pondering what room I can unleash some paint on this weekend! I'm glad this glimpse of good weather forced me into action, as although I approached the task with resistance and negativity I have been left with positivity and inspiration. Just need to find someone else with the skills to get that wallpaper on!


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