Everything is copy

9 Nov 2019

I saw a documentary about the wonderful and talented Nora Ephron, an American journalist, writer, and film maker. She is best known for her romantic comedy films like When Harry Met Sally..., and Sleepless in Seattle.

The Title of the documentary 'Everything is copy' was something Nora's mum who was a writer used to say. Nora did take everything from her life and used it in her writing. Heartburn the movie is based on the breakup of her marriage.

When Nora found out she had leukemia she did not choose to share it with the public and indeed she found not everything is copy. In fact many of her friends only found out how ill she was when they read the death notices.

So maybe even for someone who shared all parts of her private life , even for her, Everything is not copy.

Now in a world, when people reveal what they ate for lunch and their inner most thoughts and feeling on social media every day and sometimes every hour, is everything suitable to be published online or written in a book or talked about a radio or even put in a blog?

I like moodscope blogs because people will share their personal stories with honesty and appear vulnerable.

I must admit I don't often write about my children or my partner as I feel while I can share things about myself, I would respect their privacy unless I have asked them if it is ok. I think in my own life there would be boundaries I would not share here.

I wonder what you think. Do you believe that Everything is copy? Is everything available in one's life or others to be written about and shared with the world?

Do you have boundaries about what you share online or offline?

Do people have the right to use other people's stories or write about family and friends even if they are disguised, whether on FB, Instagram, for TV, movies, books, articles blogs etc, without asking them first?


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