6 Oct 2019

"Well, that one wanted to come out!" declared the dentist. After months of discomfort, concern, sometimes pain, and troubled experience eating, the molar was out. Out, and in less than an hour. I was free.

True, there's a large gap in my mouth now – one can never naturally be filled again, but the pain and trouble has gone. My tongue has already begun to adapt – it's found a new thinking habit! Instead of me having to very publicly stroke my beard in order to think better, now all I have to do is worry the hole where the molar used to be, and it helps me think.

I know people are weird. I'm a bit weird.

Enough! Why am I sharing this? The final decision to 'lose' the tooth has got me thinking. My life is already quantifiably better. I can enjoy my food again. I feel better mentally too.

This has got me thinking, "What else am I hanging onto in my life that has passed its best used by date?

If you knew me, you'd know I was Lord of Clutter. 90% of the clutter is valued by me; 1% is used regularly! I don't want to get rid of it any more than I wanted to get rid of my tooth, but I suspect I'll feel better. Is there such a thing as an Autumn Clean to match the Spring Clean I missed?

We've been shedding some relationships too, lately. People who weren't good for us. People are far more valuable than a tooth, but sometimes they've got to go – maybe only for a season.

And finally, some dreams. They were very precious. But some have gone, and others have got to go.

Given the confidentiality of our comments, what do you know you could 'lose' – let go of – and yet be all the richer?

Is it time for you too to consider an extraction?


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