Fear of swooping

8 Oct 2018

Nearly every day I go for a walk in the bush/countryside across the road from my home and shop.

It relaxes me and I enjoy looking at trees and hearing the birds chatter in the trees.

Last week I was swooped on by a bird. While it did not touch me it did come very close, then a minute later it came back again. Now in my country we are aware in spring of Magpies, a black and white bird that wants to protect its young by attacking people who walk near its nest. There are websites and radio programs about how to avoid being swooped on. I have never been swooped on in the last 12 years so this was totally unexpected and quite frightening.

I am not someone who is afraid of creatures, I don't mind snakes, spiders or even sharks. Ok, I don't see many sharks on my walk!

I blame Alfred Hitchcock for making me scared of swooping birds in his movie Birds.

For a few days I just avoided the place where the bird was. Then I thought, this is silly, so I started walking past where I saw the bird, but my fear levels would not let me go any further - I went an alternate way.

I could not believe I was afraid of a bird that none of the people living in its path had any trouble with. Many years ago I was attacked by a Magpie and had to have a few stitches in my head. People told me they must like my hair for their nests! I thought having hair that nine out of ten Magpies like, is no consolation for a bloody head.

I finally, after a week, went on my regular walk and had no problem.

I started thinking about fear of animals and where that starts from and how it can affect our lives.

Are you afraid of any animal (not a human!)?

How has it affected you every day life?

If you have managed to overcome you fear, how did this happen?


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