Feel the fear... and do it anyway.

21 Aug 2019

I don't like flying and have never flown long haul. So I was in denial that last December I booked flights to visit my dear long-standing friend in Singapore. Not only was I bucking all my natural instincts and phobias to put myself on a plane for fifteen hours, but I was also taking my two children just to make it more difficult.

So, dear reader, we made it. As I write we are about to go for dim sum, Sunday lunch, before we fly back tonight.

This has not been without adventure. We missed our connecting flight from Frankfurt so that we were stranded late at night in a strange city. But I found a hotel, regrouped, ordered pizza and then bought a new flight. Nothing was stopping me now.

As we flew over Russia and China I learnt to accept turbulence was not an imminent sign of disaster. We arrived in Hong Kong, which was not part of the original itinerary, and finally in Singapore.

And then we had a ball!!

So what have I learnt (apart from the fact that Singapore is hot, hot, hot) is that I can do this. I can fly, I can overcome deep-seated fears, I can navigate a strange country (albeit most people speak English and it's one of the safest in the world) and I can and deserve to enjoy myself.

So I apologise if this seems a huge boast and showing off about a holiday of a lifetime but...

It is about resilience and bravery. At Frankfurt when we missed our flight at that point I could have flown back home, but I was encouraged by those I love to keep going.

So I challenge you to confront one fear. What will it be?


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