Finding Direction

Personal development
7 Nov 2022

I’d love to discover how you find your direction in Life. We all need some kind of compass to find our way and to reference our decisions against.

One of our local villages made National News last week when, for the first time that records have been kept, Magnetic North aligned perfectly with Grid North and True North. In the village of Langton Matravers, “North” really means “North”… at least for a while.

This is in essence how I find direction: three points aligned that support the decision about which way to go. It begins with what I call my “Noah” (‘Knower’) – something I intuitively ‘know’ within myself as a type of inner witness to the truth. That’s my Inner North. 

Next, I seek for some external confirmation that I’m on the right path. Often there is a providential coincidence that gets my attention. That’s my Circumstantial North.

Thirdly, is where you come in. I prefer to have someone I trust to run the ‘evidence’ past – someone whose counsel has been wise over the length of our relationship. If their Noah says, “Yes!” too, that’s my True Friend North. Together, these three references can help me make bigger decisions with confidence.

One of the great values of the Moodscope Network is the Collective Wisdom from our cumulative experience. Thus, I hand the rest of this blog over to you to ask, “How do you find your direction in Life?”


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