First day

5 Jun 2020

I decided I want to get some routine and routine in my life and to help others, so I decided to volunteer at local charity shop.

It is a long process after ten pages, two referees and many chats I was allowed to work my first day.

For past 14 years I ran my own business so have not had to follow someone else’s instructions, but I thought how hard could that be.

I was hoping I could sort the books but too many people want to do that.

I was put in the clothes section which required sorting, folding, hanging, clothes. The first lady who was showing me the ropes was quite laid back and said there was no right or wrong way. Then an hour later a woman shouted at me because I had put a top on the rack which to me was a warm winter top but, I was told it was a summer top.


When I was given a thirty minute lesson on which hanger for which clothes. I was feeling quite ignorant by now.  Anyone  who has read my blogs know that tidiness, organisation and domestic skill are not in my repertoire of skills.

I will try to learn more about clothes and be more patient when people give me feedback.

I found changing from being in charge to volunteering and following instructions hard. I wonder how others have coped with a change in their work or personal life or both. 

Please share your thoughts in coping with change. 


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