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3 Apr 2019

Not long before Christmas I saw an ad on the 'Book of faces' for a beginners yoga class, literally 2 minutes down the road from where I live. Now I'd never done yoga before but I've often read articles espousing its benefits in developing strength, coordination and inner wellbeing.

So I noted it was a community, pay-as-you-feel class and as it had no long term commitment and sign up, I wondered if it might just be something I could try.

What did I have to lose? If I went once and hated it there was no need to go back ever again, no expectation to be good at it either as it was a beginners class. Hopefully everyone would be as bad at it as me!

All I had to do was message the teacher on facebook to tell her I was interested. You cannot imagine the angst I went through that evening when she messaged me straight back saying yes there was a class running and it was tomorrow and to come along.

In the past anything like this has usually taken me weeks to summon up the courage to message back let alone go along, and I usually talked myself out of it by the time the event comes along. So inevitably I spent the whole of that night waking up wondering how to get myself out of going.

Well, all kinds of excuses came to mind that night but by the morning I didn't think any of the rather fantastical stories I had created would really be worth admitting to. I had nothing better to do and a sneaking suspicion that it might not be as bad as I thought.

When I arrived at the class my worst nightmare was realised - I was the only person to show up. Apparently another couple of people who had been the week before weren't able to make it that day. So I asked if she wanted to cancel (I was looking for any excuse to get out and fast because the spotlight was going to be on me it seemed - eek!) No of course not the lovely teacher replied we've both made the effort to be here so let's practise yoga together.

From thinking that that hour would probably be the longest of my life, over the course of the next 60 minutes I realised that with yoga it doesn't matter how good you are, how flexible, how toned or how motivated, once you are doing it you just get wrapped up in the movements and balances and the time rushes by.

I've just signed up for a 6 week yoga beginner's course as a result of those drop ins, so being active is now a weekly part of my life. I know when the 6 weeks ends I won't want to give it up, I'll be back at the drop in and delighted if I'm the only one there.


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