Fleur - my lifeline.

15 Nov 2015

Today is a special day for me. It is my 1 year anniversary with an extremely special lady.Her name is Fleur and she is of the 4 legged variety. Not my cat, or a dog, Fleur is my horse.

A year ago today she arrived at the stables and I handed over a wad of cash and she became mine. In her previous life she was a race horse and then did point to point races. Since day one she has brought joy into my life and made me smile on a daily basis. At very low points she knows nothing of the state of my mind and is continuously pleased to see me, nuzzling me, neighing for her hay, happily cantering through the fields letting me be a passenger. Being with her melts away any kind of anxiety or negativity to the point where I don't realise it has gone til I am driving home and a huge black cloud comes over me.

We have also shared many many highs, competing together, winning rosettes, watching sunsets, going on roadtrips, enjoying jumping, and having many cuddles, the list is endless.

She is pampered beyond belief (as I imagine many of your pets are also!) and gets anything she needs - the second she seems unwell, the vet is called, the dentist twice per year (when I haven't been in over 10 years!), the nutritionist, the physio, the instructor, new rugs, new shoes, new tack - every penny I earn goes on her, but she is so worth it. She is my lifeline some days and offers a little relief from the darkness - she is completely oblivious she has this power.

I am conscious that no life is infinite - not mine or hers. But from now until that day comes I will cherish every second with her, care for her and love her. She owes me nothing but still continues to be there and give something that no one else can.

I hope you can find this joy somewhere in your life - from someone or something, whether it be a person, an animal, an activity, or yourself. That is my wish for today - that everyone can experience this joy somehow - look for it, try hard and find it - trust me - you wont regret it.


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