Fly away poisoned parrot – with thanks to the moodscope community.

30 Sep 2016

Remember Leah's blog about Dr Seuss? Lots of you who commented keep helpful quotes. I've often seen this suggested to help when you're low but I never quite managed to get started. Until now...

The blog and comments helped me realise what was stopping me. I was afraid it wouldn't work for me and that when I was depressed my favourite quotes would seem meaningless like everything else. So I commented on the blog asking whether quote collections really helped. I was very touched by the number of responses I got and the stuff people chose to share. Thank you all so much. (Sorry for my slow response on the day.)

So far, I've bought a pretty notebook with coral on it (I like the sea and it will be nice to see something pretty when I'm down). I've made a mind map of categories and quote ideas and I've started writing them up.

I started with 'Fly away poisoned parrot' and copied a picture of a flying parrot underneath. My counsellor gave me a worksheet in which you imagine your inner critic having no more validity than a parrot. The sheet suggests putting a blanket over the cage to shut the parrot up but I think it is more fun to tell the parrot to fly away.

Next the Bible, Zephaniah Chapter 3 Verse 17 and Joshua Chapter 1 Verse 9; the Desiderata (thanks Room Above the Garage) and the Dr Seuss big bat quote (thanks Leah) – and a big bat picture to make me laugh.

I had a couple of rubbish days earlier this week (too much work, too little sleep etc). I wrote the Desiderata into my book on one of those evenings and felt a bit better.

That's got to be worth it so thanks everyone for getting me started.

Tutti Frutti

A moodscope member

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