8 May 2023

We get more of what we focus upon… in fact, Earl Nightingale is famous for saying, “We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.”

If you’ve ever tweaked that wheel on a pair of binoculars, a lens, a telescope, or a microscope – you’ve experienced a focal shift. Let’s explore three positive, powerful, focal shifts, each rich and ripe with possibilities and full of promise for the day ahead…

1 Shift focus from what you want to let go of to what you would like to let into your life. Focus attracts more of the same. What would you like to experience more of? That could be an emotion – and if it was, what emotion would you like more of?  If you’ve ever been hurt, you may have closed the doors on relationships. Is today the day you let someone come close enough within your defences to risk a loving relationship?

2  Shift focus and tone in the way you talk to yourself. Many of us say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t dare say to anyone else. Focus on kindness-to-yourself – even if just for today. What nice things would you like to say to yourself? Maybe it’s something you wish someone else would say to you.

3  Shift focus from scarcity to abundance, from making savings to stimulating growth, nurture, and expansion – from less to more. This sounds like the first point but I have in mind the deliberate investment of yourself into making a situation or site better. For example, what could you add to your garden, or to your book collection, to your learning, to your house, to a meal – to enrich the experience.

Life is serious. I get that. But just for one day, let’s pretend there will always be plenty and be generous with our compliments, our wealth, our time, our selves.


A Moodscope member

PS. if you're not in the mood for this today, shift your focus onto making someone else's day a whole lot better. At least they'll feel better for it!


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