Free floating anxiety 

2 Aug 2021

I would never have recognised myself, if it had not been pointed out by others, friends, colleagues, and family, that I worry unnecessarily. My activity is more time and energy consuming than for lot of other people. I was an adult when my mother commented, that quite often she would speak to me, and I would be really worried about something, but the next time she phoned, I would not mention it. When she would ask, I would brush it off, yes that worked out ok, and I was onto the next worry. 

A friend once mentioned she had “Free floating anxiety”, I was curious, what is it? Her explanation was her mind was like a radar looking for something to latch onto, anything that was passing it would suck in, and she would then be consumed by it.  

For my anxiety, if I recognise what is going on, it is ok. But mostly, I am down a rabbit warren maze of anxious thoughts, getting more confused, and more panicked.  It is isolating, and does not make me good company, I can become too encapsulated in a worry bubble.  

But there is an upside to the worry. I have achieved a lot and the worry has made me financially stable (careful saving – you never know what might happen…. A driver for working hard, being astute). It also means when there is a crisis, others feel overwhelmed, but I am used to feeling worried, and coping with uncomfortable emotions, and I clearly, calmly see the path forwards, and spring into action. 


How do you cope with worrying? Have you any advice? Have you had any benefits? 



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