28 Apr 2016

I have been a member of Moodscope for a number of years now and feel very keenly that sense of knowing it is a safe community to be amongst and also to know that there are many members who comment regularly.

When these people don't comment for a while we miss them; I sometimes contact Caroline at Moodscope and ask where is so and so and often the realisation that someone hasn't appeared on the blog page for a while, is commented on by others.

We each of us need time to reflect, time out from regular commitments and the space to deal with crises and just life basically.

So although we all realise this need, we still miss our friends and worry about their welfare.

This morning on my bike ride, I thought of

Bear (please Bear, give us a little growl).

Norman. (Norman I just loved your joke about the Irish guy being offered a drink before the pub was allowed to sell drink notwithstanding Hopeful's daily jokes so no competition here).

Ratg seems back in the fold, albeit a little quieter than before.

Les is still out there thank goodness. You are a survivor Les.

Rupert? How are you?

Lex..I was sorry to hear you are exhausted and not your usual ebullient self. Please bounce back in your own time.

Debs? Well, I have seen your name recently so will try not to worry.

Di, I hope you are well, I miss your calming words.

And Suzy, I hope you'll be coming back soon.

I am sure you can think of others we are missing. I may have forgotten some and I am sorry but rest assured I am thinking of you.


A Moodscope member

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