Get it Out of Your Head!

10 Sep 2019

Regular readers of this blog may remember that you left me at the door of my home last Sunday, as I realised I had spent all day cleaning the Beach House, when my own home needed cleaning much more.

Well, let me give you a quick overview of the week since then. Please take a deep breath now...

Monday, I cleaned enough in the morning to hold a Colour Analysis Session in the afternoon (my clients must walk through the whole house to get to my studio). Tuesday, I spent shopping in Cambridge for school shoes and stationery supplies for my younger daughter who had neglected to tell me she had grown out of her previous school shoes! Wednesday they went back to school and I cleaned; ALL DAY! Thursday, I ironed – ALL DAY! My husband says he honestly had no idea that he owns thirty-five shirts: one for each day of the five weeks I was away… Friday I attempted to clear my in-tray - I got it organised at least. Saturday was the street barbeque (yes, I organise this too), and Sunday was clearing up the barbeque, taking a delightful elderly gentleman to church and clearing all the furniture from upstairs, ready for the carpet fitters.

On Monday I attended a workshop on Overwhelm!

Now, before anyone gets cross on my behalf – my children did help with the cleaning; everyone pitches in with the barbeque; we all moved furniture – so it is not a case of me doing everything all by myself. I'm only telling you this because I think we all tend to do so much we often feel overwhelmed by it all.

"What are the symptoms of overwhelm?" asked the course leader.

"Panic attacks," said one.

"A churning in my stomach and I feel sick."

"I forget things and then beat myself up."

Oh yes, that last? It's now 8.30pm on Tuesday and Caroline texted me a few minutes ago to ask where this blog was. I had planned it all out this morning, but somehow forgotten to write it – because I had too many other things to do. I was overwhelmed.

So, what can we do about those feelings of being overwhelmed by life and all the things we must do?

The first thing and the most useful thing is to get everything out of our heads and down on paper. Once it is written down in black and white (or purple on turquoise if you want to be interesting), it stops churning around in your mind and it's easier to organise.

You can see what's important and what you can put to one side. You can see what deadlines you can reschedule and what must be done right away. You might even see what you can ask someone else to do for you.

You can ask for help and you can talk things over with a friend.

Get it out of your head and into words.

And breathe!


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