Good at Sport or a good sport?

4 Feb 2022

When I was child, my mum used to say my brother was good at sport because he was incredibly talented at all games, especially those requiring ball kills a hand eye coordination.

I was told I was a good sport because I was so uncoordinated and had no natural hand eye coordination that I always lost. I had to be a good sport and gracious in defeat as that was all I knew.

Now we all know well known sports people who are wonderful sports people and grateful whether than win or lose.


We also have talented sports people that throw tantrums, argue with umpires, or complain and blame others when they lose.

I think the concept of a good sport can be taken out of the sporting arena and into general life.


At times I have been angry that I had bipolar young in life ruining a possible promising academic career, I was not good at sport and really envied my school friends who could get through high school and university without a mental health label. How lucky were they, how unfair my life was?

They were winners, and I was the biggest loser.


It was only at a school reunion 2 decades later that I realised these winners had been coping with anorexia or depression, or a violent home life.

I am not saying we must be a good sport when we are facing trauma and loss but to understand that others are trying to cope too.


Whether in sport or life what do you feel makes a good sport?

Do you think it is healthy for everyone including sports people to show their emotions whether they be anger or joy?


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houghts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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