Good morning? 

20 Aug 2022

Lately, I noticed a comment from somebody who said they find mornings can be a grim time. Instantly I connected. Me too. Mood can be flatlined for me when I wake, and I often improve as the day goes on, sometimes dipping in the evening when I get tired. I wanted to share a couple of things I try to remember to do which might be helpful. 


1 I borrowed the travel kettle from my eldest daughter (bought for her Uni room) and put it in my bedroom. Some nights, I fill it and leave my mug beside it. If I make time, the early morning gentle wake up of a warm cuppa, before anything else, can help.

2 As I sip and persuade myself it will all be ok, I try to run over roughly what might happen in the day. Plan for the stuff I don’t want to face, so that when it happens, I can greet it with an eyebrow raise instead of being surprised. 

That’s it. Two little things that seem to slightly soften things for me in the grimmest part of my day. I hope you might try it too and/or leave your own tips so that we all can try to move the goal posts just a little.

Love from

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