Good Vibrations

10 May 2019

There's something about a great soundtrack. My perfect day would always involve music, preferably with the top down on a great drive out in the sunshine.

Although, that doesn't happen often... Two reasons really, firstly, I'm in Scotland. Secondly, I don't have a convertible!!!! I do, however, have a car and love getting out and about with my tunes on.

I know my selections fit my mood and my playlist is extremely long and varied but I'm always surprised at the teleportation effects of those notes and lyrics. They can transport me to places I've been, people I've met and dreams of what lies ahead in an instant.

Once again I can be with my Granny for a wee moment as I hear her sing "Grannie's Heilan Hame", once again I can "Dance with my father again" or I remember looking at my daughter's face the first time I sang "Brahm's Lullaby" to her.

I can smile as I "Shang-a-Lang", I can laugh as I "Dare" to recall my Human League obsession or the exhaustion as I danced for hours to some great Northern Soul tracks.

I'm also very aware that when I feel alone or sad that my choice in music can either lift me up or keep me down. If I've gone for a long walk along the beach and stop to listen to Albatross (one of my favourites), I can feel thankful for everything in my life and get a great sense of calm. On another day, I can play the same track and hardly notice the tears running down my face.

Those are the days I now recognise as being Non-Albatross days, I don't mind recognising my sadness, but I know that music can take me somewhere else. My choice is whether to stay where I am or let my playlist transport me. Those are the days "I Can See Clearly Now" with Jimmy Cliff and those are the days when The Beatles sing "Here Comes the Sun" ... and it is definitely alright!

Recognise your playlist potential and don't be afraid to change the track!

"Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations..."


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