Got a hanky?

29 May 2015

Great word 'hanky'. That's my first smile of the day banked.

Do you carry a hanky? My beautiful dad always has and it has saved every situation from dribbling ice creams, to bloodied knees, sandy eyes, to giant nose excavations. His hankies are handkerchiefs, washed and pressed into a square. The comfort from even the thought of his handkerchiefs is immeasurable. Look away now if eating... As a child I remember travelling alone on a bus and sneezing a big sneeze. I had no hanky and so had to catch everything in my hand and then tuck my hand into my pocket. The embarrassment has stayed with me to this day and so I now carry a hanky.

My dad is being proactive. Deciding in advance how to deal with a situation.

My experience was reactive. Responding to circumstance.

As you read this, can you take a moment to be proactive? Will you decide that you have little strength today and so be kind to yourself and make your path as easy as possible? Or will you find that you have a little more spirit of yourself today from which to make decisions that might bring you a little step further on than yesterday?

If possible, aim for proactive. It is your beacon.

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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