Half full, half empty, or neither?

5 Jan 2020

I remember a therapy session with a giant bearded Canadian in the group. I had carefully listed my woes but then, in a moment of self-perception for which I expected to be commended, announced that this was my 'cup half empty tendency.' I admitted I had a tendency to be negative, but said I wanted to see my situation as more 'glass half full'.

I loved the Canadian's response. "What do you mean, half full or half empty? Your cup is neither. Your cup runneth over!" He then rapidly listed a whole number of things I had chosen to ignore or overlook. He was right! A lot of people would like to have been dealt the hand of cards providence gave me, and has continued to deal me.

I have shared this story on numerous occasions. And now, a young male friend called Tom quotes it back to me when I display symptoms of negativity. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and my heart.


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