Happy Songs.

8 Mar 2016

Room Above The Garage recently blogged that Little Boxes by Pete Seeger never fails to make her smile. I just did my moodscope test whilst listening to the radio. The song playing was Lovin' Things by Marmalade. And suddenly my score was rocketing because the song made me happy.

I don't mean 'sublime' music such as Schubert's String Quintet in C, which always reminds me of my much-missed father;

or 'classy' music like Nina Simone singing I Put a Spell On You;

or 'take your breath away' music like Alison Moyet's version of Love Letters;

or the 'leap around the kitchen' energy of The Damned's Love Song;

I mean proper make you grin, uplifting music. My mood was instantly sunnier.

I don't know whether it's the jangly guitars, the harmonies, the rhythm or the sentiment. All I know is that I wanted more of it. So I bought the song (all of 79p) and have resolved to listen to it each morning, for so long as it makes me feel great. (http://bit.ly/1OXs1xL)

A colleague told me that every morning, before starting work, he would take a couple of minutes to listen to that famous 1991 test match commentary when Johnners got the giggles at Aggers' remark "He just didn't quite get his leg over". That laughter would set Mike up for each day. (http://bit.ly/1efsAJ4)

Have you got a 'Start The Day' brimming with happiness soundtrack that might help others to get going each day?


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