Have table, will sit

12 Oct 2019

Our kitchen table sits beside a big window. The window looks down our street towards the wide opening showing the bigger road running across the bottom. It's quiet and peaceful but I am close enough to see dog walkers, nursery wanderers, the old and the young, buses and cars, all life passing by and it's a great view to keep me feeling connected to life especially at the times I feel I am far from that.

Today, the kitchen table was filled with my little girl's art project and I sat in a different place to the one I usually choose. I could see my neighbour's house. Bricks, mortar, a car, blinds yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah. Realising absolutely nothing of worth would come out of me when I had this altered view for brain food, I cleared the kitchen table and settled into the seat where I can see the best view out of the window. There. Brain re-ignited.

I'm not too high on my scores today but that's ok. Not a worrying dip, just a 'I-know-why-I-am-here' dip. Moving my position to one where I would soak in more of what is good for me is a tool. Each tool is useful. And if you can move your position in any way to help yourself soak in something good for you then it will help.

Score time. I'll do it too. Let's face the music and dance.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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