Have travel cot, will shower

10 Aug 2019

When my twins were babies, I'd often resort to popping them safely inside a travel cot with mesh sides, beside the bathroom door, so I could have a shower. It was the safest place to put them. Even when they were crawling, pulling up and beyond, it felt safer than the alternative. This evening that memory came back.

We've had a trampoline for some time. It's a good one and it was not cheap. It has been the best investment I've ever made. Lately, I made another savvy investment. A bench.

I worked physically hard today. (As a wee sideline, I notice the harder I work physically the less I spend mentally.) Before I came indoors to cook, I took ten minutes. Just ten. I sat on the new bench, wiped dry from the spots of rain with the arm of my garden jacket. Since there were real teenagers having a great time together on the trampoline, without arguing and without phones, I realised I needed to grasp that moment and enjoy it fully. And so I did. It gave me the biggest beaming smile to watch as I realised they were still exactly where they were as babies, inside a mesh sided contraption holding them safe. I had my chuckle. I watched, witnessed and replied where needed. I think I'm doing ok. Better than I think sometimes.

My own key seems to be to break life into tiny pieces and try to deal with those pieces one by one and its also in knowing when to sit in the rain and be thankful for the moment.

I'm going to log my scores. Let's see where we're at today. I will if you will.

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