Have > Want.

9 Jan 2017

I know you've had one of these:

"A Millionaire Moment"

A Millionaire Moment is when you have an experience that couldn't be better if you were a millionaire. It's a moment that no amount of money could improve upon.

My Millionaire Moments are really simple. They include this week's Top Ten:

1) Curling up in bed exactly when I'm genuinely tired and I want to, and then having a 'naughty' nap - usually when I 'ought' to be doing something else... bliss.

2) The Morning Shower in Dawn's welcoming light.

3) A Vossen flannel - yes, I'm serious - best flannels I've come across on the planet.

4) Getting just the tone I've been listening for on my Bass Guitar.

5) Getting that signature 'Vangelis' sound on my synth.

6) Open harmonics on the Guitar.

7) Finding the perfect coffee blend and combination with cream.

8) Discovering the perfect tea and milk combination.

9) Hearing that Dawn Chorus in Spring when the birds just give it... everything!

10) Reading a kind word from Moodscopers!

None of these are expensive, and none of them could be improved by throwing any more money at them.

They are moments where what I have is greater than what I want.

'Life' is all about 'Chemistry' to me. In those 'Millionaire Moments' - my body and mind are bathed in 'happy chemicals' - those chemicals that say, "Hey, this is OK! I love it!" And here's the really exciting bit:

I am the Chemist.

I can make those chemicals because I can repeat those experiences.

I'm going to invite you to press 'pause' and list some of your Millionaire Moments.

Then I'm going to ask you to commit to having more of the same moments - at least one a day, and maybe more.

They have to be something you've already experienced that you can repeat at low or no cost.

They have to be something that you have in within your reach without having to buy anything more. They don't need anybody else's agreement - they need to be within your control.

They express the truth that what you have > what you want.

This, my friend, could be your best recipe for happiness this year.

Now, go, have some more of these moments...


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