Having a go

8 Oct 2020

Last week my partner’s daughter and two young children came to visit, they planned to go on  a scenic cable ride, a skyline ride and a very steep fast train. We live in a beautiful mountainous area so there a many tourist attractions.

I am ok with heights but not heights that move, so avoided the cable cars because it seems such a big car, attached to such a small attachment. The skyline also worried me.

I told everyone I was not going on the rides and they were disappointed. Next day I thought I could go and just wait for them to return if I felt a bit queasy.

I ended up going on all three rides and was sort of all right. I did have to borrow a teddy bear form the 6 years old and close my eyes for a bit.


I had a go and I was ok. Now I know many people have huge fears and phobias and I am not saying it is easy. Would I do it again?  Maybe, but  not for a few years.

I was wondering if anyone has a story of where they did have a go at something that they feared, something that they didn’t feel comfortable doing?

How did it go? Why did you have a go? Are you glad you had a go?

Are you a person who would never have a go at something that you fear?


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