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3 Apr 2021

Not being the most religious of people, Easter doesn’t have a big personal implication on me, but I do love to hear what others do.  I love to hear about what they give up for lent and I love the displays at churches and the brightness in the mood. 


It is a lovely time. The air starts to blow warmer winds and the lengthening days are such a balm to a light-starved soul. 


For reasons too long and dull to explain here, our Easter Sunday dinner is going to be a poor takeaway dinner.  Not at all the plan. Not best pleased.  But, we will manage our Easter Sunday dinner 24 hours later and, as somebody who has always had a ‘gentle’ relationship with time (I’m being very generous to myself here), it will work fine. 


I will put out the little Easter decorations I put out each year, we will have Easter napkins and I picked up some ‘this is completely not needed and yet so needed’ Easter crackers to help break the monotony of lockdown dinners. 


I feel I’m car crashing into Easter this year.  But that’s ok.  It’s a time to draw a breath and mark a change. It’s Spring.  We’re here. We’re still walking together. Thank you for doing that with me. Breathe for today. 


Love from

The room above the garage

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