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15 Aug 2019

I've not had a laptop for a while and, that coupled with being silly busy has meant I haven't been doing much on here. But you know what? I've missed you all! I really have. Yet despite not coming on here and reading all your blogs (gosh I have some very interesting catch-up reading to do), I can honestly say there hasn't been a day that I haven't thought of you all.

An emotion or thought would creep in and some of your names would instantly jump to mind - with a few wise words that I'd expect to hear from you! Whilst milking the goats I'd find myself telling them about you and some of your past blogs (which seemed to amuse them...) Clearing out more of Mum and Dad's papers (yes it still goes on) I thought of some of the many kind words of encouragement I've received from you. The other day Hubby and I were carrying all the wood into the woodshed (I'm sure many of you will remember how emotive it was to go ahead with the felling of the trees...) Well, as some of you suggested, we have looked into getting a carving done and hubby is also turning one into a bird table. Whilst still on the subject of the trees, we were sitting having a brew the other day and admiring the view. I remarked to Hubby that, as pointed out by members on here, we are now able to enjoy a view that was before obscured from us, silver lining to every cloud eh?

I smiled a few days ago, I was reading out a joke to my OH and as he was laughing I said "Yes, I miss my daily Moodscope joke" and guess what he answered... "so do I" haha because I invariably read that out to him also.

Yes wise words, laughter and encouragement – that's what I think of when I think of this fabulous group. Everyone showing understanding and feeling empathy for each other in a way few other groups can achieve; all expertly navigated by the wonderful Caroline (et al) and yes Caroline, I have thought of you often as well.

Yes I've missed you lot, and I shall enjoy reading through all I've missed.

Off to pop the kettle on now and begin catching up on what you've all been chatting about... :)


A Moodscope member.

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