Hello from the cafe

16 Apr 2023

Hello from the cafe in the hospital. My lovely wee dad had a stroke yesterday and I’m having a quick cuppa as he has an assessment.  

I’m interested in how we humans react and respond to bad news. It strikes me that, even within my own little family circle, everybody dealt with the sad news differently.  

My youngest daughter was a little shocked and needed time to process it. She went to work, the chef had heard, hugged her and told her to go home later if needed, then offered to cook her breakfast.  His kindness made her cry (often my response too).  Later, she said she would walk to the art shop after work so she could pick up a very small, square canvas. She had in mind what she’d like to paint for her grampa. 

Her response touched me and I realised that in the act of painting she was not only telling him ‘I love you, I hope you’re well soon’ but she was also soothing herself and helping herself understand emotions inside. A healthy release. 

I wonder how many of us are aware of needing to find healthy ways to deal with feelings. And how many of us know what to do. Do we have a default? Or do we react without aim?

I find human behaviour fascinating.  

Love from 

The room in the hospital cafe 

A Moodscope member

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