Hello, I'm Mary and I'm bi-polar.

23 May 2013

Here's a great post from Mary, another Moodscope user. I think you'll enjoy it.

Best wishes. Caroline.

You're quite right. That's not the way I normally introduce myself. While I do try to be as open as possible, there's always this little pause when you tell people, while they calculate how best to respond.

My favourite response from one of my business colleagues, a fairly whacky person herself is "Oh, are you? I thought you were just mad!" That was a good one. But most people seem to withdraw slightly while they try to work out if you will suddenly rip off all your clothes and dance naked round the car park or if you will equally suddenly slump into a heap on the floor groaning "I'm SO depressed!"

So I guess most of us keep it pretty quiet and just get on with it. We don't want to worry anyone, especially if we care about them or value their good opinion.

But Moodscope is different. I read a quote from CS Lewis the other day. "Friendship is born at the moment one person says to another: 'What? You too? I thought I was the only one.'"

Moodscope provides us with that supportive community – the comforting knowledge that we are not alone; there are others out there who are going through this too.

Our Buddies are also different. My buddies keep an eye out for when I'm going too high (anything over 85% is concerning) and when I haven't actually registered a score for more than a couple of days (have I crashed and totally withdrawn?). My Buddies are invaluable, if irritating at times ("I'm fine. Honestly. Just too busy...OK – I'll do it. Thanks for caring about me.")

We can be open and honest with Moodscope. In fact we have to be. And that in itself is priceless.

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