Here's to brighter mornings.

5 Oct 2015

Having been brought up on a diet of fear and anger, I've been determined to balance work and raising a family in a loving and gentle way, whilst suffering with anxiety and depression. I've managed to raise two amazing young people who have beautiful souls and who make me feel proud and grateful for the joy that they have to share.

I have come a long way in finding ways to make myself feel well. Walking, yoga, sleeping enough, eating well and hormone balancing supplements have all helped. Not being hard on myself on bad days, is so important. Sometimes just to stop and rest or do what suits ME for a change is what I need.

Having a low feeling when I wake up has been a struggle though. I've tried slow release food at night and a healthy snack first thing to bring my blood sugar up, but thats not it. When I wake up and there's no special person there saying "Good morning gorgeous! Have a wonderful day!" (Ok so life isn't a Disney movie), but waking up alone and feeling low is tough sometimes. On a bad day, I almost choose to stay focussed on negatives. I put it down to loneliness and I kept repeating my focus on it.

Surprisingly my hairdresser described the same feeling and she's married! Her hubby's just sleeping! A friend of hers thought it was because as babies we woke up to having our main carer paying attention to us and suggested that distracting the brain with something uplifting makes a big difference. For my hairdresser it's comedy! For another friend it's music. I then stumbled across a combination if the two on you tube! Comedians being blown away by amazing singers! Uplifting and funny is a much nicer way to start the day and doesn't rely on me finding Prince Charming!

All it took was a shift from feeling powerless to hopeful. Just knowing that there is a way out seems to have done the trick.

It's first thing in the morning as I write this and I feel uplifted. I've always enjoyed writing. Maybe there's another bright path to follow!

Here's to brighter mornings.


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