Hiya pals

7 Mar 2021

I met some new trees today. We have definitely met previously, but I hadn’t thought to smile hello before. Both are in public places, one is in somebody’s garden. 


My first new pal is crooked and bent over like a person struggling with a hod of bricks. I’ve love to know to the story into the zig-zag, three directions he decided to grow in, why and how it happened. After the changes of direction, he has branched out everywhere which now look like celebratory arms of an octopus with fingers. 


My second new pal is demanding. And yet I can see, and I fully support, why. He takes up the entire width of the pavement. There is but a tiny, and craggy, space to manoeuvre on each side of him. He has split the tarmac all around him, and I fear that one day, somebody will deem it best interest to pluck him out.  I fear somebody will order that calm is restored to walking (you certainly couldn’t pass with wheelchair or buggy without traversing a parked car and walking on the road) and yet he was probably there first judging by his age. As much as I have struggled with a double buggy plus toddler… long may he reign supreme. 


These new pals helped me get through today. The sludge is far from over and these water-sucking, wind-breaking, oxygen-giving, wildlife-comforting saviours were there for me today.

Thanks pals. 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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