How at Sea are We?

3 Sep 2014

Just as I would like to be,

In a 'boat' and all at sea.

Free to move in any way,

On my own and free this day.

To flow with life,

Yet deal with strife,

To live in the now,

And laugh with life.

To love what is,

And freely go,

Through my trials,

And yet to know.

That it is me,

I have to find,

To love myself,

And be so kind.

As when we do,

Find that 'me',

We can still be,

In a 'boat' at sea.

'Cause then we've found,

That peace inside,

That allows us to,

Turn the tide.

When I'm down,

And the skies are black,

I cannot see,

Across the sea.

I'm not in a boat,

Floating on top,

I'm swimming then,

I cannot stop.

Drifting and drowning,

With no support,

Going under,

No ship no port.

We find our harbour,

To take a rest,

We find some comfort,

A warm safe nest.

Where we learn some more,

Of who we are,

And sit and gaze,

Up to the stars,

To understand,

What makes us tick,

To move away,

From what makes us sick.

So when we leave our harbour again,

We've learned to change a part of 'me'.

To go much deeper into self,

And thus go further out to sea.

I can set the sails,

In my wee boat,

To go to where,

Is more remote.

To find new lands,

To live anew,

To live my life,

And join the few,

Who can withstand,

This troubled land,

And move towards,

Those shaking hands.

The sign of hope,

And honesty,

That will in life,

Then save the day.


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