How can I help?

15 Sep 2022

I wonder how many times people have said to you or you have mentioned to others the following questions or statements?

How can I help?

Tell me what you want, and I will get it for you.

I will do anything, just ask.

I am here for you night or day, just tell me what I can do.

Has anyone ever offered to help you, you may have been sick, had sick parents, your partner may have been ill, you may not drive, or for other reasons?

I find it hard when people make  an open-ended offer, they say just name anything you need, and I will do it. It is such a wide offer that it is hard to answer.


I find that offers that really help are when they meet a particular need. People know I don’t drive, so offering me a lift home from where I volunteer, as I am usually carrying bags of items, is helpful.

When someone asks how they can help do you find it easy to answer? Would you rather that someone sees a need you have and offers to help? When you help others how do you make a general offer, or do you try to meet a need?


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