How did you meet Moodscope?

22 Mar 2019

I am often interested to find out how people first met their partner, and am fascinated how often chance plays a part in our lives and how first impressions sometimes can be wrong.

I was thinking about how Moodscope members first discovered or found out about Moodscope.

Also what were people's first impressions of Moodscope.

For me, it was several years ago when I heard a radio interview about a woman who had written a book about how charting her mood everyday helped here when she was struggling with her moods.

I decided to search the internet and came across promotions for the book but also came across Moodscope. I had never heard of the organisation before.

I liked the idea of charting my moods and started doing that daily. I remember wondering why I was getting personal emails. I did not realise they were blogs. I felt as they were addressed to me - it was personal!!

I originally joined for the charting and ignored the blogs but now I read and sometimes write a blog and read the comments and have not recorded my score for a long time.

So how did you discover Moodcope? What were your first impressions of Moodscope?

Has the way you use Moodscope changed over the years?


A Moodscope member

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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