How do we keep going?

30 Apr 2017


The magic word.

When there is little left, there is hope.

Does it matter that each night I fall into bed exhausted? No.

Does it matter that each morning I feel there is a new chance? Yes.

The last minute is now history and the next minute may not arrive, so all we have is now, this very moment. And in that place, there is all manner of hope.

Dare you dream a little?

Dare you imagine what if...?

I think depressed people can stop dreaming and stop imagining since that part of the mind is simply shut down. But we must see if we can, from time to time, peer through, as in there lies the nectar of our growth.

Each holiday time takes me a couple of weeks to unwind and just as I am about to start dreaming and wishing and imagining, life snaps back on at full pelt. But for some moments there has been time to bring back some hopes and wishes. It is enough. For even if I can't action them at present, they are newly brought to the surface. It's not unlike putting out a bowl of carrot sticks in front of a young child. They may believe they can only eat biscuits, but if that bowl is sitting there, and it's in their line of vision, those carrots will be crunched!

There is always hope. There is always possibility. Place your hopes into your line of vision and you will gravitate there. It doesn't matter how long it takes. It is how to keep going.

Go forth, dangle your carrot! (Word of the day: dangle)

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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