How do you relax?

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25 Apr 2023

The last fortnight has been super stressful. This week my boss rang me up after I told her I needed to go to the doctors. I'm so lucky with a change of work. I now have a caring manager. 

Spring is really appearing, and so one of my comforts is to take the dog for a walk and just enjoy the sights and sounds of spring. Despite living only a few miles from Birmingham city centre (UK), the park behind where I live is full of nature, and I have heard woodpeckers, the little owls that live in the trees opposite my house, and am now enjoying the blossom that is now out.

This helps me relax. 

Tonight I have also completed three squares of my tapestry. It's the second community tapestry project I have become involved in. It's aimed at over 50s so, dear Moodscopers, I just qualify!! This project is based on a bingo board. The tapestries will be photographed and laminated and used in local care homes for a game of  bingo.

For me, there is something deeply therapeutic about sewing a tapestry. For one, you really have to concentrate: I turned the TV off and the radio on. Secondly, there is something rhythmical about sewing a tapestry. When you have a block of colour to sew, you can sew in a rhythm not having to worry about much.

Tapestry isn't for everyone. I discovered it in my late teens, and rediscovered the craft during lockdown. But it sure does make me relax. Having just discovered that I have raised  blood pressure, I need to do that more often!

So what makes you relax? What requires such deep concentration, that you have to stop all else to just do that one thing?

I'd love to hear your thoughts,


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