How full is your tank?

29 Jun 2019

I'm not the most mechanically minded but having just been on holiday I have had to ensure the car was full of petrol, tyres pumped and water topped up.

Surely this is what we do when we complete the Moodscope cards? We are assessing our mood. After leaving it a week or so I have been feeling a bit blue this weekend and couldn't work out why so decided to re-take the test.

Depending on our personality we gain our energy from being on our own or being with others. So on reflection it's not surprising that my fuel tank is low.

I've had a busy and sociable week immediately after a week away with the kids. And anyone who has been 'on holiday' as a single parent knows it ain't much of a break.

I have had the kids all weekend and have spent a huge amount of time chivvying, nagging and exhorting the eldest to do her homework.

My fuel tank feels low. So how am I going to top it up?

This afternoon I have read and slept in bed. A funny book which made me laugh. I have a double billing of great TV: one recorded from last night to watch. I have a nice dinner to cook and Pilates tomorrow to challenge and relax the body.

The week still has its work challenges but I know these days what I need to regain my strength.

How full is your tank? And what can you do today and in the coming week to top it up? '


A Moodscope member.

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