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25 Jul 2022

I’m sure that Moodscope helps many of us in different ways. One of the main ways it sometimes helps me is that it helps me get problems in perspective.


My last few weeks haven’t been too good, I’ve has a lot of Test scores in the 40s. There are many reasons for this, but stress, and consequent bad sleep, has been a major factor.  My long-term average score is around 61, so 42-47 is well down on my average; but looking back I can see that I’ve had several patches of scoring 40s this year and recovering quickly afterwards, and, if I go back a few years, an all-time low of 17% , during a period where I barely scored above 40 for weeks on end. So maybe a little more optimism is in order.


If I scan back over my last year’s graph and stop on peaks and troughs to read comments, I get a few insights: in the troughs, the comments almost always mention bad sleep and low energy, and often stress and/or alcohol. The peaks are often about good news, often something out of my control happening to me, sometimes a significant achievement on my part or sometime just getting out and doing something particularly enjoyable, usually involving music, theatre, cinema or similar. .


My Affectogram gives me a few clues as well. My “low positives are Strong (38%), Active (40%), Enthusiastic (46%) and Proud (46%). My worst negatives are Afraid (57%) and Upset (62%).


One thing I’ve taken from all this is that I need to involve myself more in things to enthuse me and achievements I can feel proud of. And spend less time on things that just stress me up, even if it means disappointing other people.


Does any of this resonate? Or could you offer any advice?

Best regards

Oldie but goldie

A Moodscope member.

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