How Moodscope Improves Your Results with Counseling as a Client and a Practitioner.

27 Aug 2013

As a Skype based Depression and Productivity Counselor, I am keenly interested in my clients getting good results. When I was the client rather than the professional, I used to get very frustrated with not knowing if the therapy, coaching, or counseling - whatever it was that I was trying at the time - was really making my life better.

Since working with my own clients, I realize that this is a common problem - it's often very hard to tell if you are actually getting good results or not.

Most people go through a period of doubt and I wondered if having all my clients use Moodscope on a regular basis might be a way to address this concern. Much to my relief, when put to the test, I found it worked fabulously!

I have had several clients who were obviously getting better, who acclimated to their new state and forgot how bad things were before and were questioning if the counseling was helping. When this happened I asked them to look at their Moodscope graphs to recall what it was like before to compare, and this helped them quickly realize the progress they had made. After recalling how their lives had indeed improved, these clients proceeded to move forward with more enthusiasm, getting even better results. Reassured clients are happier and more successful clients, and make for a happy and successful counselor.

If you don't already, try using Moodscope regularly and share your results your counselor or therapist and if you're a counselor or therapist, give it a go with your clients, I can thoroughly recommend it.

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